The importance of regular dental visits for kids

Biannual dental visits, are necessary for all, because through these we can prevent or treat early carious lesions or any other problem that attacks our oral health, solving it more quickly and effectively, because if cavities become visible and begins to cause pain, we are likely to need a more complex treatment .

In the case of children, visits are more important, since they have higher risk factors than adults. To start brushing children, although it should always be supervised and reinforced by an adult, it is not usually as effective, therefore it is necessary to perform periodic cleaning and plaque controls to detect areas where more plaque is accumulating and reinforce brushing, likewise since his teeth are in continuous change and growth we should know what type of cream and brush he needs according to his age and if the teeth are erupting correctly and in the time that they should.

On the other hand children often have tooth decay, which often we do not see and which is diagnosed through radiographs, so it is very important to perform a topical fluoride application every six months, since this is the best way of preventing cavities by making your teeth healthier and stronger. We must also pay close attention to any kind of stain that the teeth present, since this may indicate that the quality of the tooth enamel is not the best and that tooth is more prone to generate cavities, especially if the tooth surface is seen rough or has a yellowish or brownish color.


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Katherin Pinilla Blanco

Pediatric dentistry