Gum care improves your overall health

Many of us think that brushing our mouths is just to keep our teeth healthy and avoid cavities, however few use dental floss or do not use it and forget or ignore the importance of maintaining a healthy gum to maintain a good general health.

Periodontal disease affects the supporting structures of the tooth, including bone and in advanced stages of the disease the teeth are lost; but not only losing the teeth is a direct consequence of the disease, in recent studies it has been found that periodontal disease is related to multiple systemic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney problems, problems in pregnancy, Alzheimer’s, and arthritis.

Studies conducted throughout the world indicate that patients with this type of disease and periodontal disease have a higher risk of complications and deteriorate their health status faster than those who do not, the multiple bacteria found in patients presenting periodontal disease, generate different responses on the body that put the lives of patients diagnosed with some type of aforementioned disease at risk. In patients diagnosed with heart disease, the bacteria of periodontal disease can travel through the arteries and generate blockages of the arteries that generate risk of heart attacks; Another association that exists is with diabetic patients, since the bacteria that travel in the blood of patients who have periodontal disease, require energy to survive, the bacteria takes the sugar out of the blood, which causes high levels of blood sugar and these patients do not improve. On the other hand the healing of these patients is defective, and lose their teeth faster; Arthritis patients present constant pain because the disease maintains a chronic inflammation that affects the entire body.

The initial stages of the disease is a bleeding gums, this can occur when brushing or when eating, and in advanced stages of the disease the teeth movement is the most common sign, so it is best to go to A consultation for PERIODONTICS in the initial moment is key to stop the course of the disease and if you are patient with a systemic disease, taking good care of the gums improves the quality of life.


Dr. Oscar Ortiz.

Periodontics and oral medicine.