Endodontically treated teeth care

When a tooth is affected by cavities, periodontal disease or dentoalveolar trauma among others and requires endodontic treatment it is important to know if there is any aftercare procedure.

One of the objectives of the endodontic treatment is to eliminate the bacteria from the root canal, to be sealed in order to prevent its failure.

During the endodontic treatment the tooth loses its vitality, thus leaving its structures a little weaker, during the masticatory shock this tooth can receive all the occlusal forces, for this reason it is of vital importance that this be restored as soon as possible, to avoid: contamination, fractures of the tooth remnant and root fractures, in order to improve its prognosis.

It is important to bear in mind that after the treatment is finished, controls should be carried out periodically, monthly, three months a year and up to two years, in order to have a clinical and radiographic monitoring of the structures around the teeth, which can identify if our treated tooth has improved or if it has evolved to a disease of adjacent tissues.

If you have pain and inflammation after endodontic treatment, please attend and consult with the specialist, who can help you with any concern, do not take any medication that is not prescribed by your treating dentist, since sometimes we can find analgesics and antibiotics that can interact with some medication that the patient is taking for some systemic disease.

Remember that oral health depends not only on your dentist or specialist but also on how willing and constant the patient is with his treatment.


Karen Lorena Lopez precious

Dentist- Endodontist